Live Kirkland election results – 2013

Michel Gibson wins over John Meaney by 500 votes.

Global News has live Kirkland election results here.

Election results on Ville de Kirkland site: Mayor’s office, Councillors.

Official data from MAMROT.

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You must be kidding

Finally John Meaney had his electoral platform delivered by mail to most households, just in time for the Election Day. This is one of the rare occasions when the old adage “better later than never” does not hold true: The platform looks and reads like a last-minute cut-and-paste job done by a straight B’s humanities student.

It opens with promises like “Continue to upgrade parks …” and “Maintenance of the dog run in the water retention basin,” and ends with “Close cooperation with Police Station 1,” with a slogan “The municipality’s financial health is thriving on all fronts” in the middle. There are no words such as “transparency” or “public consultation,” no promised dates either.

More slogans were cut and pasted on the back page of the platform. Some of them – “Foster innovation” and “Be recognized as the employer of choice” were probably cut out from a mission statement of some industrial start-up and pasted in by the straight B’s student by mistake. If not for this mistake, the traditional candidate’s signature could fit in. But there was no room left, just “Kindest regards.”

The platform claims, however, to “Maintain a management policy of controls over operational expenses that are sound, rigorous an effective” (original spelling and punctuation retained, I guess the student will get a “C” this time). Together with “Continually improve performance,” this may be something that the citizens have been waiting for. According to La Presse, costs of services in Kirkland are 80%(!) higher than in other Quebec municipalities of this size, ranking the town 40th out of 45. For example, services in Beaconsfield are only 27% more expensive.

But this is not being addressed in the platform. There are no figures except for “$4,000,000 of funding” expected to cover “major facilities upgrade” of the library. Will that help to drive down the cost of services? With the 3.5Mil already spent on the library face-lift recently, this sounds like an obsession. And this is hardly what the taxpayers are looking forward to.

“Re-elect for Mayor”?… You must be kidding. Good luck, Mr. Meaney.

Sergei Brovkin

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Kirkland Elections in the Media

An article by Abby E. Schachter in The Suburban, October 30, 2013, p.8 of the printed edition or go to p.64 online.

“Kirkland mayor faces challenge from veteran councillor, newcomer” – by Albert Kramberger, The Gazette, Oct.30, 2013.

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Who would you vote for Kirkland mayor if the election were held today?



Review their platforms –  Gibson, La Tour, Meaney – and vote for your Mayor today!

You have one vote to cast – or propose your own candidate.

Popular voting for Councillors is closed now.

Advance Poll: 
Sunday, October 27, 2013, from noon to 8 p.m., at the Kirkland Town Hall

Voting day:
Sunday, November 3

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Why do they call him Meaney?

John Meaney is the only one out of the three mayoral candidates who has not shared his platform with KirklandCitizen, nor answered the 3 key questions. Indeed, no serious person would find this exercise meaningful, because there’s not much to report since he had acclaimed the position four years ago. We might just quote a few lines from his last pre-campaign interview (The Montreal Gazette, 13 Mar 2008, section West Island, F-17).

The interview opens with Meaney’s narrative of his first memorable achievement – yet before puberty: he licked his streetcar ticket, stuck it to his mitt and pretended to drop it into the trolley’s cash box. The same ticket got him home at the end of the day.

He also remembers (or at least remembered in 2008) that “disappointed with city hall’s response […], residents in Meaney’s area formed a citizens’ association,” which he headed soon. In 1975, the association convinced him to run for council. However, in 2012 Meaney maintained that Kirkland never had the need for such an association.

Meaney then quit his council post in 1990 and took over as Kirkland’s assistant director of public works. This brought him as close as possible to the water pollution and cross connection issues. While now, 20-30 years later, Meaney recalled only “two or three cases,” Michel Gibson decided to come clean on Homerun show: “When we really discovered the paper trail, there were 60.” That is, sixty(!) cases of cross connections known to the Town Hall and repaired by the Town of Kirkland.

Although the discovered paper trail was left primarily by the public works office, Meaney –

      1. always true to himself
 – said he did not have “all the information up front.” Meaney wanted to say that he did not expect several thousand signatures under the petition initiated by KCA. “You had it, John,” insisted Gibson. After this rash statement, Meaney’s suggestion to Michel Gibson to “go play in traffic” was the only appropriate response, nimbly alluding to Henri-Daoust street issue which the Town Hall handled with grace and dignity as well.

Another thing that our incumbent mayor could add to his brag book: in 2011, although a very efficient administrator, John Meaney could not reach his counterpart in Pierrefonds (who “would not take the phone”) for three months! Probably, the other mayor did not want to upset Meaney with the confirmation that Pierrefonds authorities had paid for the cross connections repair in their borough. Perhaps, another thing Meaney wanted his peer to confirm was that one of the councillors there had indeed paid his legal costs related to the defamation case opened against a Pierrefonds resident Michael Labelle, in accordance with MAMROT guidelines, while in Kirkland, in a similar case, spectacularly lost by the claimant twice, Councillor Allard’s legal fees were generously covered by the Council – from your taxpayers’ money.

Kirkland deserves much better than we have received from our municipal politicians. We need a mayor who has a dream for the town and not someone who by his own admission considers being mayor of Kirkland to be his “dream job.” If you do not want to read this platform again, come and vote on November 3. Advance vote opens on Sunday, October 27.

To practice and see who has the popular vote, vote for your Councillor here. On-line poll for Kirkland Mayor is NOW OPEN.

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A look at payday for West Island mayors and councillors

The Gazette, 22 October 2013, published a good summary of how much money out of our taxes is spent on the elected officials.

Strangely enough, car allowance is not mentioned anywhere. Is it possible that Kirkland mayor, John Meaney, is the only lucky one?

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KIRKLAND- With two weeks to go before the end of the municipal election campaign, Sophie Mohsen, candidate for district 4 Lacey-Green West continues to canvass her neighborhood and introduce herself to all residents. To date, Ms Mohsen has had the opportunity to meet most residents, who she says “have welcomed her candidacy and openly shared her ideas for change”.

“After having had the same city councilors for over a decade, Kirkland residents want fresh faces on their council. They want to have elected representatives that not only reflect the diversity of their city but also, have a true interest in bringing change to Kirkland” says Sophie Mohsen.

For a 23 year old Ms Mohsen already holds an extensive background in politics. She currently works for the federal government and she recently graduated with a Master from the University of Ottawa in Public and International Affairs. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree from McGill University in International Development Studies. Sophie has always been engaged at the grass roots level, having organized many events within her community, including a Women’s Forum.

Sophie explains: ‘I want my city to benefit from my knowledge and my expertise. We not only need to regularly consult our citizens but we also need to better involve Kirkland youth and seniors in the decision making processes. I believe that it is essential we work together to improve road security and public areas and to differentiate ourselves at the environmental level. One thing I would like to see is the addition of a municipal gym here in Kirkland. Not only is it a place for people to meet, but a way to keep individuals engaged and healthy.”

Sophie Mohsen will continue to canvass the Lacey-Green West district until the end of the election. For any questions you can email Sophie at or visit her Facebook page (Sophie Mohsen).

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If the election were today, who would you vote for?

Over two weeks ago we asked the candidates to share their platforms with Kirkland Citizens and answer three key questions:

1. What have you achieved in the last four years?
2. If elected, what are your key objectives for the next four years?
3. Why should Kirkland citizens vote for you on November 3, 2013?

Although some new candidates have been active, NONE of the incumbents responded to our request. This sounds like our Councillors and the Mayor DO NOT HAVE much of a platform and HAVE ACHIEVED NOTHING they could be proud of in the last four years.

Please take part in our poll.

You have one vote to cast – for your district candidate. But do not forget to vote on November 3 (or on October 27 if you want to exercise your right sooner or prefer to vote in the Town Hall).

To ensure that all candidates and all electors have equal rights, we added the acclaimed districts into the poll; now residents of districts 2, 3, 6 and 7 can either vote FOR the incumbent councillor – or vote “NOT for” him.

If you care for the future of Kirkland, make your choice soonest and DO EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE.

Advance Poll: Sunday, October 27, 2013, from noon to 8 p.m., at the Kirkland Town Hall.

KirklandCitizen advance poll for Mayor is NOW CLOSED.

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Karen Cliffe Meet and Greet on Sunday

Bonjour, Hello,
Please join me for a Meet and Greet Sunday Oct 27th from 12pm-3pm, corner Montrose and Ch.Ste-Marie. I would like to take this opportunity to discuss any issues or opinions you may have.
Thank you and see you there,
Karen Cliffe – for councillor, District 8

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Advance Poll: Sunday, October 27, 2013, from noon to 8 p.m., at the Kirkland Town Hall

To know when and where to vote, go here 

Advance Polls will be held by even sooner.
Come and check who is winning!


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