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Town should not have paid councillor’s legal fees: Quebec

Albert Kramberger | The Gazette | August 19, 2014 …In a July 25 letter addressed to the director general, complaints commissioner Richard Villeneuve stated that “it is generally understood that it is for elected officials to assume the costs of … Continue reading

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Should elected officials use public funds to sue their critics?

Brenda O’Farrell | Just between us | August 20, 2014 The ministry’s complaint commissioner recently issued an opinion that a municipal councillor in Kirkland should not have dipped into the public purse to foot the bill for a defamation action against a resident. Read … Continue reading

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How Much Would That Be Per One Kirkland Citizen?

“Kirkland resident wants councilor to follow municipal affairs ministry’s suggestion” -by Kevin Woodhouse, The Suburban, August 20th, 2014 It is somewhat encouraging to know that our Town Hall ignores not only its citizens’ opinion but the recommendation of the ministry … Continue reading

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Mike, that’s transparency! – take 3

Recently I received yet another message from Mayor Gibson concerning my original demand to explain what happened to his promise to minute down the questions. Albeit with a delay, someone in the Town Hall realized that my reference to article … Continue reading

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Kirkland on CBC Daybreak (with AUDIO)

Shawn Apel reports for CBC Daybreak. He has worked as a civic affairs reporter and investigative reporter. He reported previously on Kirkland cross-connections issue. You can listen or read his latest piece on Kirkland here.  

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You must be kidding

Finally John Meaney had his electoral platform delivered by mail to most households, just in time for the Election Day. This is one of the rare occasions when the old adage “better later than never” does not hold true: The … Continue reading

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It’s time to end Caucus meetings

In Kirkland, we sign under every word of the Communique issued by our neighbors. English version follows. Association des Citoyens de Beaconsfield (ACB) Beaconsfield (Québec), 4 juin 2013 Il est temps de mettre fin aux réunions du caucus. L’Association des … Continue reading

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Must be a coincidence

In the news: the two lawyers arrested along with former Mayor Vaillancourt were from the Dunton-Rainville firm. Dunton-Rainville is the law firm that provided the “legal opinion” on the cross connection issue in Kirkland and represented the Town of Kirkland … Continue reading

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Lettre à M. Meaney, maire de Kirkland

Cites Nouvelles published our letter on page 4 of their Aug 24 edition. Some changes compared to the original French version provided, but it is good to see that the French speaking media is interested.

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No appeal for city of Kirkland against resident

An article by Kevin Woodhouse in The Suburban, Aug 22, 2012 Kirkland resident and KCA (Kirkland Citizens Association) co-founder Sergei Brovkin  who was brought to court by the city last March for two posts made on his blog and won … Continue reading

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