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  1. Said Gouel says:

    want to consolidate our efforts to stop the city asking us to pay for their mistakes(egout pluvial et sanitaire ) please reply what the next step or the latest update for the situation.

    • Administrator says:

      Let us attend the Council meeting on Monday 7 March at 8:00 pm. As Kirkland residents, we are allowed to attend and ask questions. Let’s find out how many people we have already affected. Also, need to figure out what exactly needs to be done and why, as the letter is not clear.

      • Said Gouel says:

        it is clear they are not decided yet who’s responsability is? but according to Beaconsfield mayor the city fixed the affected homes in the city , we have to wait untill the whole inspection (6800homes )is done ,it looks like 5%of the homes are affected47 homes out of 500 so I expect over the 6800 in Kirkland minimum 300 are affected

  2. Dave Warner says:

    I am very impressed with your efforts on the Kirkland pipe issue. Although a resident of Beaconsfield I have been impressed with the grassroots citizens efforts to speak up and demand answers from their city government. Beaconsfield has also had to deal with this same problem of improperly installed sewage pipes, my own home included. It is wrong to be required to shoulder the responsibility by a city government that made terrible mistakes ,of in the least ineptitude, nearly 40 years ago, mistakes they are clearly liable for damages to be recovered. Although many affected by this problem and are speaking up because of personal financial risk, I detect a deeper motivation in some who are concerned the government is shirking their clear culpability. It is good and natural that citizens should question their civil servants, because they often do not care to serve and sometimes are not civil. Note the councilman who was “at the end of his rope” answering resident’s questions. Poor man, he apparently has been serving so long he has forgotten the role of taxpayers and their elected officials. Perhaps such officals should be remembered at the polls. Keep up the good fight! Dave

  3. LT says:

    Why, as a Kirkland taxpayer, should I have to pay for the repairs of private homes? I pay taxes for public services, roadwork, police and security, fire protection, etc. Not to fix the defects of private houses. This whole issue about claiming money from the City of Kirkland to fix the bad work of private contractors is wrong. Just wrong.

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