Hungry? Grab fresh fruit off a tree for free in Kirkland’s ‘fruit alley’

Global News.

The City of Kirkland, in Montreal’s West Island, has created a “fruit alley” at des Bénévoles Park.

Officials planted dozens of fruit trees and shrubs along a 100-metre path in the park, dedicating it to all the men and women who have volunteered to make Kirkland a better place over the years.

“We have apple trees, plum trees, cherry trees, peach trees, pear trees, apricot, hazelnut,” Kirkland mayor Michel Gibson told Global News. “We have shrubs too, raspberry and gooseberry.”

The trees were planted a few weeks ago and most aren’t bearing any fruit yet.

The hope is that in a few years, when the trees and shrubs are all grown up, people can sit down and relax under the canopy and snack on fresh fruit right there in their neighbourhood.

“It’s a beautiful experience. When these trees will be at maturity, you’ll be able to pick the fruits that are there,” Gibson said.

Residents said they love the idea.

“I love the fruit alley. I love anything that’s nature in the area,” said Elizabeth Tiotte as she took her morning walk.

“This is a great way to try fruit we’ve never tried. I saw this Saskatoon berry. I’ve never tried that before,” said resident Mylène Moy.

The mayor also sees educational opportunities for schools in the area.

“You have descriptions of the tree that was planted, the best time to eat the fruits or the nuts, when’s the proper time,” said Gibson.

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