Kirkland Book of Records: UPDATE

I was advised by the Town of Kirkland that the biographies of Kirkland Councilors are not available, and I have to contact them individually.
Response Town Hall Kirkland

Thank you, Town of Kirkland. Done (see text below).

Will publish the results when and if I get them.

Dear Mayor Gibson, dear Kirkland Councilors,

Would each of you kindly provide a short bio to your potential electorate?

The elections are coming soon, I assume you will be running, but there’s no information about you on the Ville de Kirkland web page.

It is good practice to have the officials’ biographies linked to their photos on the web page. We used to have that not so long ago, could you find the way to restore it?

Look how nicely this is done for Canadian Senators:

In the meantime, please advise the following:

  1. Your current position, function, committees you are (and were) on etc.
  2. How long have you been with the Council.
  3. Your achievements in this role.
  4. Anything else – official or personal – that you want to share with your citizens.

Thank you for your attention and prompt response.



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