Kirkland Book of Records: CONTEST OPEN!

The campaign has started. In the coming months, we’ll hear a lot of memorable revelations and promises from our local “leaders.” With your help, we won’t let them pass unnoticed.

So far, the first one we have heard – or seen in print – is Mr. Gibson’s statement:

“I am very proud to say that Kirkland is the best place to live in Canada,” said Gibson.

The Mayor may have personal reasons to believe that this is the case. After all, he has been with the Town Hall for  26 years (over 40 years corrected by the Mayor).

However, the available statistics do not exactly agree with the statement. Kirkland is nowhere near the top of the list of over 400 Canadian cities and towns. Montreal ranked 356th  (78th in Quebec), Quebec city – 41st (9), Kirkland is #159 (33).

We beat Beaconsfield though, it is way behind Kirkland at#167 and #35 respectively!

It should not come as a surprise that Ottawa happens to be the Best Place to Live in Canada in 2017. I tried to adjust the weight of factors used in the calculation, but it would almost inevitably come out on top.

Likewise, I would expect other Councillors to run and support Mr. Gibson, as their combined tenure is …. OMG!..

Do you know what is the total number of years our Mayor and Councillors have served in the Town Hall?!

Please leave your answer in the comments.

The citizen who gives the right answer will receive a memorable prize and will be announced on this site as The Most Knowledgeable Kirkland Citizen, potentially being the first entry in the Kirkland Book of Records.

(Of course, it is entirely up to their discretion, but citizens associated with the Town Hall should rather not participate in this quiz).

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