Kirkland Mayor Michel Gibson seeks another mandate

Mayor Michel Gibson

Mayor Michel Gibson

By Kevin Woodhouse, The Suburban

      •  Kirkland Mayor Michel Gibson announced last week that he will be seeking another mandate in the upcoming municipal election taking place this November.

Gibson has been a councillor since 1991 before taking the mayoral seat four years ago.

Before election day, Gibson expects to “knock on 6,000 doors and I have already started my door to door visits,” Gibson told The Suburban.

The mayor will be running on maintaining and even improving services by keeping tax increases to a minimum “since 2013 our local tax on the average house increased by only $54. The 2017 budget showed a 0.5 percent increase on the average house, way below inflation.”

Other accomplishments Gibson noted during the last mandate has been the $1 million grant from the provincial government as “funding towards the arena modernization, an estimated $4 million project. In addition, a $350,000 federal grant was jointly awarded to the Lakeshore Soccer Club and the town of Kirkland to renovate the synthetic soccer field at Parc des Bénévoles, a $1.5 million project,” the mayor said.

Regarding infrastructure, the city has “$30 million invested in road work, infrastructures, parks and green spaces, including the Harris water splash park. I am very proud of the new integrated library automation system and the extension of the opening hours to give better access to our residents.”

For Gibson, the most important dossier for the next four years is the light rail train project REM (Réseau Électrique Métropolitain). “ I believe that it is crucial that our residents are kept abreast on all phases of this important community project, through information sessions and participation, planning workshops and to work closely with our partners Caisse Infra, MTQ and Montréal Agglomeration.”

The city’s industrial and business district received some new arrivals within the last mandate, namely “ Harden Commercial Center, Cogeco, Traffic Teck and the Cancer Wellness Center. Kirkland’s 2.4 percent industrial vacancy rate is one of the lowest on the island of Montreal,” Gibson said.

“I am very proud to say that Kirkland is the best place to live in Canada,” said Gibson.

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