Wake Up and Smell the … Roses

The GazetteWhile Kirkland Town Hall is proud to have the crossed sewers’ issue swept under the carpet, another West Island neighborhood is starting to look into the water pollution problem: Dollard-des-Ormeaux plans to launch city-wide inspection in 2016.

However, from this point on, the DDO story will be different from ours. For reasons beyond an ordinary Kirkland citizen’s understanding, DDO Town Hall plans to treat its citizens with respect and does not threaten or accuse them of wrongdoing.

According to Mayor Ed Janiszewski, while a reimbursement policy has yet to be formalized, the Town will take a major part of the responsibility. Read more in The Gazette, 25 Nov. 2015, by Albert Kramberger.

DDO citizens are lucky to have a Town Hall that cares.

And we are proud to stay firm on “the Kirkland way.”

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2 Responses to Wake Up and Smell the … Roses

  1. Benjie Calcetas says:

    We, the KCA have endured so much unnecessary grief and frustration, expended countless hours dealing with this poorly managed mess. This is all due to the lack of foresight and empathy from the Kirkland council. It all shamefully falls on them. Congratulations to the DDO citizens for having a thoughtful and insightful mayor, and they won’t have to suffer like we have.

  2. Patrick says:

    It’s not over. I just received a letter from the city of Kirkland saying that my house might have crossed pipes.

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