Mike, that’s transparency! – take 2

Although sent to my private address only, I trust Mr. Gibson will agree to make his reply publicly available. It’s transparency, eh? Here it goes, followed by my comment:

Good afternoon Mr. Brovkin,

As you are aware the Town of Kirkland adopted a by-law no: 20076-55K that deals specifically with Public Council meetings. Also I can assure you that the Town follows the rules and regulations stipulated in the Cities and Town’s Act.

Council as already reviewed and answered this request of documenting the question period at Public Council meetings. We believe that the current administration follow-up on questions asked by the residents is adequate, timely and transparent.

Michel Gibson

Maire / Mayor

Good afternoon, Mr. Gibson,

Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, I do not see an answer to my question. I will rephrase and repeat it:

So what happened to your promise to minute down the questions?

Although you refer me to a by-law that does not give an answer to my question, your reply could mean either:
a).   You had not read the by-law (which is actually 2006-55K), or
b).   You were deliberately deceiving your citizens during the election campaign.

As one of the citizens who supported you during the election, I would love to hear a third option – something more meaningful and encouraging.  Otherwise, your “I can assure” line will not sound really assuring any longer.


S. Brovkin

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3 Responses to Mike, that’s transparency! – take 2

  1. karen says:

    Avoiding the question,,!!! I see that the Transparency of our council has remained ,,NOT transparent. Why then does council not want the minutes recorded, What is the big secret?? what needs to be hidden from the official records,,what behaviour does council want to protect?? this was an electoral promise made by Michel Gibson.!!
    Where is the transparency Mayor Gibson so vehemently advocated..this was an issue he verbally supported on CBC.!

  2. Philomena Netto says:

    Skating around questions has become the norm. Mayor Gibson you are now showing
    your true colours, it did not take too long. Who and what are you trying to protect?
    Transparecy … maybe it was a loose word for you to get where you wanted to be, or
    sorry, you forgot what it stands for. Just a little reminder!

  3. PK says:

    I tend not to dump everything in Mr Gibson’s lap as he can not do very much if he doesn’t have the support of council. I suspect that our representatives are refusing to support the recording of the question period minutes etc. and as it is by majority vote, the Major can do little. We need to tackle our district reps and make them listen to what we want. They appear to be very rigid and not opened to new ideas. As Mr Meaney has said “it is the Kirkland way” or “that is way we have always done it”. As long as the majority of Kirkland citizens remain uninvolved, we can only expect the status quo

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