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Kirkland homeowner resists pipe inspection

by Albert Kramberger, The Gazette, April 23, 2014 There are currently five homes that have been confirmed as having crossed pipes that still require repairs, though three of these have confirmed that they will have the work done before the … Continue reading

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Kirkland approves pay hike for members of council

Albert Kramberger, The Gazette, April 10, 2014 Without any fanfare, Kirkland council gave final approval to a move that will see their salary increase by just over 20 per cent on Monday. The mayor’s remuneration has been increased to $46,617 … Continue reading

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Mike, that’s transparency! – take 2

Although sent to my private address only, I trust Mr. Gibson will agree to make his reply publicly available. It’s transparency, eh? Here it goes, followed by my comment: Good afternoon Mr. Brovkin, As you are aware the Town of … Continue reading

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