Mike, that’s transparency!

An open question to Mayor Gibson


Dear Mr. Gibson,

During your electoral campaign you mentioned to me and to pretty much everybody in Kirkland that your goal is to make the work of the Council transparent. In particular, you were promising to make sure that proper minutes are taken during the Council meeting.

What is the status of this promise? I am sure you know that at least the questions must be documented, as stipulated in the Cities and Towns act.

I would appreciate an update from you, preferably at the next Council meeting, on April 7, so that all interested citizens could have the same information.


S. Brovkin

P.S.: I am sure you remember your promises and your declarations. Many of them have been recorded. For example, on October 15, 2013, on CBC, you had the following memorable dialogue with Mr. Meaney:

Michel Gibson: John, we do not even take the Question Period minutes!
John Meaney: Of course we don’t!
MG: But you don’t want to. Why not, John?
JM: We never had!
MG: That’s transparency!
JM: Mike, you were there for 22 years…
MG: Yes.
JM: … and for 22 years you never once mentioned the comment about why should we …
MG: I did mention it to you!
JM: Oh, go play in traffic.
MG: Okay.

Also, if it helps, the Cities and Towns act, article 322, says the following:

Every question must be filed in writing with the clerk of the municipality. The latter shall, upon receiving it, enter the question in a register which forms part of the records and which may, furthermore, be examined during the sittings of the council.

The Mayor or the chairman of the executive committee shall answer the question at a sitting of the council, either orally or by filing with the council a reply in writing which is entered in the record.

Hope the answer will be given to all the citizens at the meeting and recorded in the minutes.

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  1. Karen Cliffe says:

    I encourage those interested. Pls share on facebook. Let’s help make Kirkland transparent.

  2. On the issue of transparency of meetings of the Mayor & Council of the Town of Kirkland, Michel Gibson had in his campaign brochure of 2013:
    “Introduce audio recording of the regular sitting of the Municipal Council that will be reproduced on our City web site. Include the public question period in the minutes of the regular sitting.”
    I’ve asked many questions during the Municipal Council regular sittings since Mayor Gibson took public office in December 2013. To my knowledge, however, none of my questions asked during the municipal public question period were answered orally to my satisfaction and answered in filings that are now in the Town of Kirkland Q&A Register which forms part of the public records of our municipality.
    For all who support the campaign promises of Michel Gibson on his ideas to improve transparency, may I add to his proposal that we seek to improve transparency of the sittings of the Mayor & Council and Committees by not only recording regular sittings of the Town of Kirkland Municipal Mayor & Council but of all sittings of the Municipal Council and our Municipal Committees with the motion introduced and voted on at the next regular meeting of the Mayor & Council on Monday, April 7th.

    As a resident of the Town of Kirkland, will your local municipal councilor publicly support my proposal and state now that he will make the motion at the next regular sitting on April 7th of the first draft motion to permit the recording by audio and live web casting of all sittings of the Municipal Council and Committees and to include the public question period questions and answers in the minutes of all Municipal Council and Committee sittings with all minutes to be reproduced and archived on the Town of Kirkland website and made available upon written request with the minutes of any and all sittings by the Town of Kirkland Mayor & Council and all Municipal Committees as of April 7th, 2014 with the motion and vote at the next regular sitting on April 7th at 8PM at the Kirkland Town Hall?

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