Hey Kirkland, here’s a solution for you

by Victor Schukhov,
The Montreal Gazette, 15 March 2014.

Sometimes, West Island headlines are so close together that one can’t see that they are solutions to each other’s problems. You know, like telling the trees from the forest.

Take Kirkland, for example, the silly no-left-turn-on-Henri-Daoust-Street town with a deep-rooted desire to outdo Beaconsfield in wonky local laws. Take, for instance, the anal K’s deep-sixing of a local citizen’s group attempt to open a seasonal farmers’ market. A long-in-the-tooth bylaw prohibits the sale of commercial goods in public parks, industrial areas and commercial zones. (If you can’t sell commercial goods in commercial zones where can you sell them?)   Read the entire text here.

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One Response to Hey Kirkland, here’s a solution for you

  1. While reading the WestIslandGazette.com today, I read the posting by columnist Victor Schukov now posted on KirklandCitizen.com, for all who want to help make Kirkland a better place to live, to share his column with family, friends, co-workers and media.

    In an effort to help make Kirkland a better place to live, we are now in negotiations with the Rio Can Management, Timberlea Vetenarian Clinic and the Town of Kirkland to make it possible for us to welcome all to a weekly “Marche Kirkland Farmers’ Market” beginning this Spring 2014 to eventually welcome all to a permanent storefront location in the Colisee Kirkland-RioCan Mall from a 4 Season outdoor/indoor farmers’ market outlet for the purchase and pick-up of locally grown fruits and veggies and to showcase locally produced goods and gifts, artists and artisans.

    For all who want to register to volunteer with the newly formed Kirkland community group “Jardins Kirkland Gardens” https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jardins-Kirkland-Gardens/758728234137463 to help make it happen, I invite all to an early-bird breakfast on Monday March 17th to celebrate together St Patricks’ Day from 7AM to 8:30AM at Cora Kirkland. Advance registration is $10 per person-includes breakfast, taxes and gratuities. Limited seating. Call (514) 695-3542 to reserve your seat in our seating section.

    Daniel La Tour
    Groupe-Marche Public-Farmers’ Market-Group
    (514) 695-3542

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