Kirkland on CBC Daybreak (with AUDIO)

Shawn Apel reports for CBC Daybreak.
He has worked as a civic affairs reporter and investigative reporter. He reported previously on Kirkland cross-connections issue.

You can listen or read his latest piece on Kirkland here.


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3 Responses to Kirkland on CBC Daybreak (with AUDIO)

  1. George says:

    I am disgusted with our mayor and councillors. They were just elected to a new term 4 months ago and now they are giving themselves a 20% increase in remuneration.

    Their excuses for such a raise is feeble and if they were truly transparent they would have the guts to have that in their mandates before the election. All this about meetings is just smoke, these meetings were there before they took office.

    Things have not changed from the past group of councillors and mayor. The new mayor publicly said things would be transparent when he took office. I guess they have changed and are now more corrupt than ever.

    I hope some one will tell them who they represent at the next monthly council meeting
    and what the citizens of Kirkland expect, not an increase in remuneration.

  2. karen says:

    I agree, completely ridiculous.
    I have a FACEBOOK page
    kirkland voice
    you can see the up dates..and post opinions, I am personally paying to optimize this page ! I will let kirkland residents know what our council does!!!!!!!!

  3. karen says:

    He also promised to record the meetings. that has been voted out.
    NO transparency, what a scam for us.

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