Kirkland plans 20 per cent salary hike for mayor, councillors

By Rhonda Massad
The Suburban, Wednesday, 12 February 2014

At its Feb. 3 council meeting, Kirkland announced that at its next gathering in March, it plans to vote on increasing the salaries of the city’s mayor and councillors by 20 per cent.

The mayor’s salary will increase to $46,617, and each councillor will receive $16,398. The province of Quebec also requires the city to give the mayor and council an expense allowance that will also increase, based on a set formula.

In an interview following the council meeting Kirkland Mayor Michel Gibson stated that the salary of a city employee and that of a councillor are not comparable.

He said that council salaries have been outpaced by inflation and are long overdue for correction.

“This will bring brings Kirkland back in line with neighbouring cities of similar population” he told The Suburban.

Gibson noted that councillors must sit on municipal committees and attend many meetings in addition to the monthly city council. He said that they also meet new residents each month and make sure that all complaints are addressed. “It is a time-consuming job, and this increase reflects that,” he said.

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5 Responses to Kirkland plans 20 per cent salary hike for mayor, councillors

  1. Never was this proposed salary hike discussed openly at previous Town Hall meetings and during the municipal election campaign of just a few months ago.

    Mayor Gibson believes that this 20% salary increase will bring in more money to the Town of Kirkland by paying himself and Councillors more of our hard-earned money over his 4 year term as Mayor of the Town of Kirkland.

    To Mayor Gibson, I say: “Is this amount sound and reasonable, given the current state of our local economy with a long term debt of over $36,000,000 and $6,000,000 plus per year in interest payments alone to service the Town of Kirkland debt now under your watch? Show us your business plan at the budget meeting of February 24th to recoup the funding to pay out the raise and the internal report prepared by a consultant supported by our Town of Kirkland Management & Administration of the towns and cities that were compared to the Town of Kirkland to guesstimate that the proposed 20% salary hike at the municipal budget meeting on February 24th is sound and reasonable. At that delayed budget meeting, I ask that you support my proposal to release your first quarterly report that shows how much money the Town of Kirkland estimates will be saved and generated for the benefit of our local taxpayers in your first fiscal quarter as Mayor of our new municipal government. With that openness and transparency to local municipal governance of our tax dollars, I invite Kirkland citizens that are members of the CKC-Citoyens Kirkland Citizens committee
    to consider the results of your first quarterly performance review and to begin discussions to create a bonus plan with incentives for best of class, group benefits to the Mayor, Councillors, Management & Administration of the Town of Kirkland based on a percentage of savings to local taxpayers with the new revenue generated.

    Daniel La Tour
    CKC-Citoyens Kirkland Citizens
    Neighbourhood Party-Parti des Voisins
    (514) 695-3542

  2. Karen Cliffe says:


  3. Philomena Netto says:

    Never, ever have I seen the face of who my councilor was or is. On any issue.

    Maybe there are one or two deserving councilors. The rest do not deserve anything. It is our hard earned money that can be put to a better use. Think about that.

    Come election time they knock on your door with great promises, is it a power driven job, or are you here for us – the citizens? You sit in the best ever modern, comfortable offices – how many hours do you put in, or is it a show room with no

  4. Robert Plamondon says:

    Surprise, Surprise, The man I voted for in question, Never expected the first act the new mayor would incorporate , be self serving.
    Unbelievable 20 %. has any one seen such a hike in the worker Bee section of the private sector ever, heck even in good economic times you be hard pressed to find such an increase and as we all know these are not the best economic times.

    Obviously I do not share Mr Gibson’s justification of the proposed increase. The Mayor and counselors are presently well paid for what they do and let us not forget that they are paid handsomely for ever committee they serve on !

    I wonder how Mr Gibson and Company are going to handle the next negotiations with the city’s contract workers should they ask for the same 20 % when their contract is up.

  5. Karen Cliffe says:

    They were voted in. So that is what we got.

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