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An article in The Gazette, by Cheryl Cornacchia, 19 Nov. 2013.

While cross-connected sewer pipes continue to be a divisive issue in Kirkland, the same problem, first detected in Pierrefonds-Roxboro in 2010, has been handled quietly through a city of Montreal-run program. Continue reading…

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4 Responses to News from Neighbours

  1. Thérèse Baco says:

    This article should be re-published at large in our local newpapers (Cité Nouvelles, The Chronicle, The Journal, Suburban…..) to let people know how we were treated in Kirkland in comparison to Pierrefonds. The City still thinks we are responsible for these wrong connections and make us sign an Agreement as such…..

    • PK says:

      I questioned the Mayor recently about reviewing the waivers signed by affected homeowners. He said that the problem is that the repairs were done by a 3rd party and that is why it may not be changed. However, having a 3rd party do the repairs in Pierrefonds does not seem to be an issue for them. The article says that the city will reimburse citizens who have to get the repairs done by a plumber that they choose; no mention of the homeowner assuming responsibility or signing waivers. So why is it so different in Kirkland?

  2. Karen Cliffe says:

    Wonder when the “transparency” will happen. It was promised. Maybe in 2014?
    Closed caucus meetings are still not avl for Kirkland residents. Nothing recorded..debates still private for council only

  3. Karen Cliffe says:

    Cross connection issue will not be revised?!

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