CTV: Off-island and suburban Montreal mayoral results

Nov.3, 2013: For the first time since the 1970s John Meaney will not be representing the city of Kirkland. Having served as councillor and mayor, he was defeated by a mere 500 votes Sunday by Michael Gibson, who had been a councillor for 22 years. (Read more and watch… )

Nov 4, 2013: CTV News at 6 covered Kirkland (at 10:10).

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2 Responses to CTV: Off-island and suburban Montreal mayoral results

  1. Richard says:

    Thank God he is gone!!

  2. Karen Cliffe says:

    There is a procedure complaint made for electoral violations. This is presently in the hands of the Directeur des elections du Quebec. Kirkland Quebec elections.2013
    Demographic manipulation.( Altavista)
    Electoral manipulation affecting voter results.(manipulating by increasing or decreasing of vote sharing.)
    Violation of polling procedure. Tables incorrect set up and candidate behavioural violations on oct 27.2013
    Errors and confusion of voter information cards. Dates etc…

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