You must be kidding

Finally John Meaney had his electoral platform delivered by mail to most households, just in time for the Election Day. This is one of the rare occasions when the old adage “better later than never” does not hold true: The platform looks and reads like a last-minute cut-and-paste job done by a straight B’s humanities student.

It opens with promises like “Continue to upgrade parks …” and “Maintenance of the dog run in the water retention basin,” and ends with “Close cooperation with Police Station 1,” with a slogan “The municipality’s financial health is thriving on all fronts” in the middle. There are no words such as “transparency” or “public consultation,” no promised dates either.

More slogans were cut and pasted on the back page of the platform. Some of them – “Foster innovation” and “Be recognized as the employer of choice” were probably cut out from a mission statement of some industrial start-up and pasted in by the straight B’s student by mistake. If not for this mistake, the traditional candidate’s signature could fit in. But there was no room left, just “Kindest regards.”

The platform claims, however, to “Maintain a management policy of controls over operational expenses that are sound, rigorous an effective” (original spelling and punctuation retained, I guess the student will get a “C” this time). Together with “Continually improve performance,” this may be something that the citizens have been waiting for. According to La Presse, costs of services in Kirkland are 80%(!) higher than in other Quebec municipalities of this size, ranking the town 40th out of 45. For example, services in Beaconsfield are only 27% more expensive.

But this is not being addressed in the platform. There are no figures except for “$4,000,000 of funding” expected to cover “major facilities upgrade” of the library. Will that help to drive down the cost of services? With the 3.5Mil already spent on the library face-lift recently, this sounds like an obsession. And this is hardly what the taxpayers are looking forward to.

“Re-elect for Mayor”?… You must be kidding. Good luck, Mr. Meaney.

Sergei Brovkin

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4 Responses to You must be kidding

  1. Paul says:

    Reads like his 2009 campaign platform. I guess he takes the 3 Rs seriously – recycle, reuse, refuse!

  2. Richard says:

    Finally! Bye bye Meaney!

    Surprised to see how close it was between both of them though…

    M. Latour was merely a column “fodder” that could have caused Gibson to loose to Meaney. Sell town hall he said! Looks like 5% found his idea brilliant.

    Real happy to see Gibson taking over.


  3. Philomena Netto says:

    It might have paid to listen to the Cry of the Poor.

    Welcome and congratulations Michael Gibson. We all look forward to working
    together to build this City of Ours and make things happen.

  4. Karen says:

    Well we got Gibson who has not cone through with any of his promises. He promised Transparency. A joke. Time to rejuvenate. Tired of Arogance and false rhetoric.

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