Shahla Amiri, candidate for Councilor district #4, answered the 3 questions

What have you achieved in the last four years?

Over the past several years, as a senior manager in a global high technology company, I achieved the highest results in efficiency and quality in the company’s forty years history, coached employees and leaders.
Now I feel that I have to share some of my experience with fellow citizens, to make the Council more efficient, maintaining high quality of services.

If elected, what are your key objectives for the next four years?

1. Promote and represent the community’s views and aspirations. Actively support good ideas and encourage local initiatives. Consult with the community to establish a vision for the future. Create an online Idea Factory
2. Promote sustainable environmental policies. Work toward a safer, cleaner and greener Town. Lobby for improved roads and pavement maintenance.
3. Help create a caring community which embraces diversity.
4. Defend the character of the Town.
5. Conduct an efficiency review of Town services using quantitative tools such as benchmarking resulting in the best possible Town services at the lowest cost.

Why should Kirkland citizens vote for you on November 3, 2013?

1. For truth, honesty, and integrity
2. For effective and balanced leadership
3. Decisive, determined, and dependable
4. Ready, willing, able
5. A leader who listens, so you will be heard
6. A new vision, a new voice
7. It is time for a woman councilor!

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2 Responses to Shahla Amiri, candidate for Councilor district #4, answered the 3 questions

  1. Shahla Amiri says:

    Please do not hesitate email me your questions, concerns and recommendations.

  2. Philomena Netto says:

    We need respresentation of women on council.
    You have what it takes to be heard. Your very first statement speaks for itself
    and that is what we are looking for.


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