Electoral Platform for Peter Rakobowchuk, Candidate for Councillor, District 8

During the past four years I have served as a citizen representative on two Kirkland Advisory Committees; this past year as a member of the Kirkland Urban Planning Committee. At this Committee we reviewed plans submitted for everything from pool installations to building expansions all with a view to ensuring they conformed to town by-laws and provided environmentally-friendly and aesthetically-pleasing solutions.

In the three previous years I was a citizen representative on the Public Security and Traffic Committee where we reviewed and approved changes that made our streets safer-24 hours a day.

If elected, my main objective would be to make Town Council more accountable to its citizens. I would hold more public consultations with citizens when major issues arise that affect their day-to-day lives and pocketbooks.

I would focus on seeing that Kirkland’s infrastructure is up-to-date and do everything possible to continue to ensure the security of our citizens.

I would also promote affordable seniors’ housing and review recreational facilities and programs to see if there’s a need for improvements and/or expansion.

Kirkland citizens should vote for me because I have a solid background in community involvement and have always had the best interests of Kirkland’s citizens at heart. I feel I am the best candidate to respond to the needs and concerns of the citizens of District 8.

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