Cross Connections revisited: Letter to the Town of Kirkland from Daniel La Tour

As of this date, how many Kirkland residences and businesses cross connected pipes remain untested and unrepaired in the Town of Kirkland?

How many Kirkland residences and businesses have accepted the Town of Kirkland offer to settle? How much money was paid out up to now for approved expenses submitted by affected homeowners and businesses to qualify for the settlement of up to $1,800 in the beginning and up to $5,000 now up to December 1st, 2013? What are the options available to the Town of Kirkland for all non-compliant homeowners and businesses after December 1st, 2013 to settle the dispute with residents and business owners that are holding out and refuse to settle under the current settlement agreement that waives their right to sue the Town of Kirkland and the settlement agreement that requires that they pay towards the repair of any damage to their local infrastructure leading to their local sewage cross connected pipes?
Before I contact the Federal and Provincial elected representatives and their Ministry of the Environment officials and media to inquire about their new laws and regulations that will fine corporate polluters $1,000,000 upon delivery of legal notice to comply and seek an independent legal opinion on whether the new environmental regulations are applicable to municipalities in the Province of Quebec, does the legal firm or legal counsel on retainer now with the Town of Kirkland hold the legal opinion that the Town of Kirkland is indeed a corporation is as such is a corporate polluter liable for polluting public waterways that led to the closure of the Centennial Beach in the City of Beaconsfield?
Is the problem over the cross-connection pipe controversy 100% solved as of today?

Thank you for your assistance in helping my campaign for public office as Candidate for Mayor of Kirkland in seeking with your help a fair and just settlement for all concerned residents and business owners and to stop the dumping of raw sewage this week.

Daniel La Tour,
Candidat a la Mairie de la Ville de Kirkland
Candidate for Mayor of the Town of Kirkland

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  1. pk says:

    in the interview on CBC homerun, of the mayoral candidates, Mr Gibson mentions that 60 houses were fixed back in the 80s. I don’t think that they had to sign any waivers so why should those of us that were identified with x pipes have to do so now. All citizens should be treated equally. This issue needs to be re-looked at by the new council. Hopefully the new council will do so after the elections

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