Peter Rakobowchuk: Press Release

After a decade of active involvement in the Kirkland community, Peter Rakobowchuk has decided to take the next logical step and run for office. He’s seeking election as Councillor for District 8 in the town of Kirkland.

“This town has been a great place to live for me and my family and I’d like to do my part to contribute to its continued success,” said Rakobowchuk.  He intends to focus on ensuring that Kirkland’s infrastructure is up-to-date and well-managed, improving recreational facilities and promoting programs for seniors.

He has been a member of the Kirkland Planning Committee for the past year. Previously, he sat on the Kirkland Public Safety and Traffic Committee. In the past few years he has also served on the committees that planned Kirkland Day and the 2012 Kirkland Winter Carnival.

His contributions also extend to education as he was a member of the Governing Boards of Windermere and Sherwood Forest Elementary School and chaired a Lester B. Pearson School Board Parents Committee representing 14 schools.

He’s hopeful that the eligible voters in the district are ready to support him in his efforts to make Kirkland council more transparent and bring new ideas to the table.

For further information or to arrange an interview:
Patricia Enborg
Campaign Manager

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8 Responses to Peter Rakobowchuk: Press Release

  1. Greg Niggemann says:

    I feel it is important for a district councillor to live in the district he would like to represent. This ensures his or her intentions are a priority.
    I realized M.Robowchuk is not living in district 8.

    • pk says:

      Peter Rakobowchuk lives in District 7 and I agree, it would be nice to have a Councillor who lives in District 8 be our representative. Vote for change and transparency

  2. coulon caroline says:

    District councillors should live in their districts.
    Remember transparency.!!!
    Running for district councillor should have that information available for citizens.or disclosed


  3. coulon caroline says:

    I live in district 8
    Why do councillors not divulge information that is pertinent. Like what district they actually live in.
    Important pour les citoyens district 8.

  4. karen Cliffe says:

    YES I agree. However, rules are they can. District 7 has a councillor who is very popular so candidates sometimes jump into districts where they have a better chance. Because of M. Allard’s past and his behaviour toward citizens many candidates are running in district 8. This usually does not work in their favour. I would like to change this rule.. You must run in your district!. This seems only logical.
    Karen Cliffe

  5. Patricia Enborg says:

    Mr. Rakobowchuk has never hidden the fact that he lives ONE street over from District 8. When he presented his nomination papers, his address was clearly indicated on the official list of candidates released by the Director General of Elections. During his extensive door-to-door campaigning, only a few residents asked where he lived and he told them and was never challenged.

    This is directly from the website of the Director General of Elections, Quebec: “A person can run for only one position on the municipal council.

    Admission condition

    To do so, during a general election, the person must have the right to be entered on the municipality’s list of electors and must have resided within that territory continuously or otherwise for at least twelve months on the first of September of the year of the general election or, in the case of a by-election, for at least twelve months on the date of publication of the notice of election.”

  6. Greg says:

    Why did he not run in his own district.
    Also telling people where he lives without mentioning that he in not living in the district seems evasive.

  7. Tanya says:

    Why does he need a press release.?
    Candidates have written their own answers and platforms.

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