Notice to Alta-Vista ALL KIRKLAND residents

It may come as a surprise to Alta Vista street residents, but they are NOT in district #8 any longer.

Apparently, the miracle happened at one of the Council’s meetings in May, conveniently held at 8:30 a.m.(a.m.!), when the resolution “to adopt draft By-Law No. 2012-52 dividing the territory of the Town into eight electoral districts” was carried unanimously by the Council, with 2 (two!) persons in attendance.

We can only congratulate the Council on yet another win-win solution. Without too much fuss and with no notice to the disgruntled Alta-Vista residents, the Town Hall spared them from an unbecoming attempt to vote M. Allard out of the Council, at the same time relieving M. Allard from the unpleasant duty of facing the residents he had sued (on public money, of course!) during the cross connections saga.

It is also notable that the “new” councillor, Mr. Dufort, never made himself visible to Alta Vista residents. Perhaps, he is not aware of this council decision either.

On November 3 (or the week before), cast your vote for someone new. Do not let people from the past control your future.

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