Daniel La Tour, Candidate for Mayor, campaign dates and locations.

Daniel La Tour, Candidate for Mayor of the Town of Kirkland invites you to a meet and greet to discuss your local issues and to lend your support during the municipal campaign.

Daniel La Tour invites you to meet with him on the following dates, locations and hours on weekends at the main entrance doorway to:
-Volunteer Park Chalet, 18180 Elkas, Kirkland, QC, H9J 3Y4-Saturday, October 19th at 9AM
-Lantier House, 11 chemin Lantier, Kirkland, Quebec H9J 2Y5-Saturday, October 19th at 10AM
-Kirkland Chalet, 81 Park Ridge, Kirkland, Quebec H9J 1R1, Sunday, October 20th at 9AM
-Holleufer Chalet, 75 Charlevoix, Kirkland, Quebec H9J 2J3, Sunday, October 20th at 10AM
-Ecclestone Chalet, 130 Argyle,Kirkland, Quebec H9H 3J1, Saturday, October 26th at 9AM
-Kirkland Library, 17100 Hymus Blvd, Saturday, October 26th at 10AM
-Sports Complex-16950 Hymus Blvd, Sunday, October 27th at 9AM

All acclaimed municipal councilors and independent candidates for their neighbourhood district are invited to meet their local residents to identify support and Volunteer Block Captains for the Town of Kirkland-Neighbourhood Watch & Block Parent crime prevention and safer neighbourhood community programs.

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