Daniel La Tour: What I would do in my first 100 days in office

As for what I would do in my first 100 days in public office as the Mayor of the Town of Kirkland, I would propose to the newly elected and acclaimed municipal management team a motion to prepare an internal feasibility study prior to December 1st, 2013 on the sale of municipal assets such as the Kirkland Town Hall building and property, in order to lessen the municipal tax burden of residents and business owners as one solution to ensure the economic prosperity and growth of our municipality into a Future City.

I would also scrutinize with a new team of independent auditors and dedicated local professionals all financial expenditures and revenue sources, administrative costs and the management of our human resources with the goal to improve the quality of life of our residents with new and enhanced municipal services and benefits.

To support and help with my campaign to get out the vote, meet with me at our “CKC Citoyens Kirkland Citizens-Breakfast Club” for fair trade, organic coffee with pastries at the Beaconsfield Heritage Train Station Farmers’ Market on the Thursday of your choice from 6AM to 8:30AM or to shop local, buy local locally grown fresh fruits and veggies, certified kitchen baked goods and so much more after 4PM until 7PM at our public marketsquare.

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