Does Kirkland Want A Farmer’s Market?……Come And Show Your Support!

Last Monday, August 19th, during “La Semaine des marches public du Quebec” celebrated across the Province of Quebec, I inquired again by way of iCare with the Director General on how to have the issue of the farmers’ market on the municipal ballot on municipal election day in November 2013. With the communication same business day that the Town of Kirkland denied to approve my request for a municipal permit for a farmers market in the Town of Kirkland and that the matter was closed, Director General Sanalitro called me on the issue. He did not advise me then nor has he ever advised me on the issue of how I can help to make a difference in the quality of life of our community nor did he then inform me on how to have the question of whether the municipal voters support the proposal for a farmers’ market on the municipal ballot.

Without drafting a chapter on this issue, if you want to know more on how we can together make a difference in the quality of life in the Town of Kirkland, we can meet this Thursday, August 29th for a meet and greet at our first early-bird breakfast as a non-profit community group to begin to identify and support local community leaders and residents that will best represent us as our next Mayor, municipal Councillors and Director General at open public meetings netcast live from the Town of Kirkland.

You have my personal invitation now to meet with me for an early-bird breakfast at the Marche Public Gare Beaconsfield HeritageTrain Station Farmers’ Market this Thursday, August 29th from 7AM to 8:30AM. We will have croissantwiches, with jams, jellies and coffee for sale onsite. For further details and to confirm your attendance, call (514) 695-3542 or email:

Daniel La Tour, B.A., B.Ed
Neighbourhood Party
(514) 695-3542

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