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To provide more visibility to the issue, we reprint Paul Senez’s Response to “Farmers market banned by Kirkland by-law.”

As I understand it, Mr La Tour has proposed setting up a small ‘farmer’s market’ using a portion of Kirkland’s Volunteers Park / Parc des Bénévoles on a weekly basis (similar in size and scope to the one he helped co-found held in front of the Beaconsfield train station every Thursday afternoon).

The fact that Kirkland Council and the Director General refuse to entertain or engage in any type of meaningful dialogue of such a concept, that they refuse to explore updating the antiquated by-law they are using as the reason for their inability to even consider the notion of a farmer’s market is disrespectful of a citizen’s idea, reflects outdated thinking regarding community development and shows a lack of vision for the future of our community and the wellbeing of its citizens.

The fact that Council and the Director General are fundamentally opposed to this type of community-building activity is antithetical to the idea of Healthy Communities and the notion of Sustainable Development. Furthermore it flies in the face of one of the stated objectives within the Kirkland Local Sustainable Development Plan (Orientation 2: Ensure the quality of residential living areas).

As to the costly and time consuming nature of amending a by-law, the very same By-law referred to in the Suburban article (By-law 90-58) was amended on June 19th of this year with regards to Commercial Patios. In the first 7 months of 2013 Council has voted four times to amend old by-laws (also amended this year was By-law 79-10 related to the Implementation of Speed Limits by Sector (Jan. 13); By-law URB-2 related to the Site Planning and Architectural Integration Program (May 15); and most recently on July 17th By-law 98-55 respecting Tariffs was amended). What did these amendments cost the citizens of Kirkland? And what benefits to our quality of life will be realized by these amended By-laws?

People need to keep in mind the attitude, cavalier behaviour and outdated thinking consistently displayed by Council and the Director General come November’s municipal election.

Remember to VOTE for CHANGE!

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