Must be a coincidence

In the news: the two lawyers arrested along with former Mayor Vaillancourt were from the Dunton-Rainville firm.

Dunton-Rainville is the law firm that provided the “legal opinion” on the cross connection issue in Kirkland and represented the Town of Kirkland in Court when the Council took legal action against its citizens. Must be a coincidence.
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3 Responses to Must be a coincidence

  1. Benjie Calcetas says:

    ” Birds of the same feathers flock together ” and ” Guilty by Association “. These are sayings. City of Kirkland sued me because they claim that Cross of Pipes was my fault and the Law Office that notified me was Dunton-Rainville.
    Are they friends of our City? I hope not? Just my opinion on this matter

  2. karen Cliffe says:

    Citizens should not be liable for infrastructure.
    We must not let the cross connection set a precedent.
    Karen Cliffe
    Candidate.Council District 8

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