Meeting TONIGHT!

Come to the Council meeting, make yourself heard, be with the community!

MONDAY, November 5, 2012 AT 8 P.M.

More news about “the establishment of an environmental restoration program to rectify crossed sewer connections affecting certain residential immovables and of a financial assistance program to carry out remedial work” are expected.

We hope you will continue to show your support by attending the upcoming Nov. 5th Town Council meeting (8:00pm @ the Town Hall on Hymus blvd.)



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9 Responses to Meeting TONIGHT!

  1. Greg says:

    32 persons in attendance, 12 interventions from the

    I suggest asking your council why they don’t put the citizens questions and council’s answers in the meeting minutes. Other communities do this.

    • Sergei says:

      We asked this question before…. Meaney replied that he has never done it in 30 years – and therefore is not planning to.
      Eventually this will change. Soon.

      • Greg says:

        So it appears Kirkland’s current administration doesn’t want to change a 30 year long lack of transparency. Keep asking.

        Have they revealed how much money they have spent in legal fees pursuing citizens for exercising their right to free speech?

  2. Philomena Netto says:

    I agree, we will try again and hope for dialogue and better results


  3. Sergei says:

    They have not. Citing “An act respecting the Barreau du Quebec.”
    Everybody who is reading this should request this information from the Town Hall, in writing.

  4. Mario Calcagni says:

    I’ve been a Kirkland resident since 1964 and have never seen at any point in time a more closed and protective “Old Boys Club”. We definitively need a complete changing of the old guard, a clean sweep as it were. I don’t trust this group, they never offer a clear answer, always avoid commitment. I am truly fed up, I think it’s time I became more involved to get a Mayor and council that is approachable, truthful and responsible for it’s own actions (The city should pay 100% of the repairs to cross-connected pipes…PERIOD!!!) (This whole situation was due to either the gross incompetance of a city inspector at the time or someone’s palm got greased at the time…merely my speculation but in this day and age it wouldn’t surprise me. In either case, the city MUST accept 100% resposibility for this situation and rectify it immidiately. With all of MY money they wasted on legal fees, they could have already fixed all of the properties in question!).
    I would like to see a complete forensic audit of the cities finances and how my tax money has been spent.
    Do I sound pissed off?…well I am and I’m fed up…

    • Sergei says:

      Mario, thanks for your honest and open position.
      You should contact KCA and meet with the team.
      Please use the form at the botom of the screen.

  5. Philomena Netto says:

    Thank you Mario for a very clear vision and stand that you have taken in support, for all our community residents. I appreciate your input and would like to welcome you
    aboard. Please feel free to contact me

  6. Salvatore D'Urso says:

    Very eloquent portrayal of what has been happening in Kirkland for years Mario.
    Just consider for a moment if you will, that we are now entering the third year since the proverbial SH** really hit the fan on the crossed sewer issue. Kirkland is still frantically trying to dig themselves out of a nightmare public relations fiasco that Meaney and the BOYS caused and they still do not have a final agreement to present to residents. Their blatant disregard for the truth and what really happened in the past and their aggressive and disrespectful attitude towards the unfortunate long time Kirkland residents who are stuck with the problem is shameful.

    Meaney and the BOYS are now desperately trying to wrap themselves in the environmetal flag. They would have us believe that even without the protests on the part of residents and the work done by the KIRKLAND CITIZENS ASSOCIATION, Meaney and his cronies would have continued to look for a way to reimburse residents who were found to have crossed sewers. What a joke. These are the same people that as far back as the spring of 2011 were saying to residents at council meetings that, and I quote,”I am tired of talking about this, we have made our decision”. How arrogant and disrespectful!!!!
    The only message that these people understand will have to come at the ballot box in November 2013 when we must turf out this sad excuse for a municipal administration.

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