No appeal for city of Kirkland against resident

An article by Kevin Woodhouse in The Suburban, Aug 22, 2012

Kirkland resident and KCA (Kirkland Citizens Association) co-founder Sergei Brovkin  who was brought to court by the city last March for two posts made on his blog and won the case has had another victory when the court of appeal recently dismissed the case on Aug. 8.
For Brovkin, he hopes that this is the end of the matter and hopes that “there is no further steps from the city as it is a bogus case.”  The recent judgment noted that the city and Councillor André Allard had no “reasonable hope for success” in the matter.
“The judge agreed that the case was weak and that my comments contained no defamation,” Brovkin told The Suburban.
And now that this recent legal episode is behind him, Brovkin is “relieved and now I can switch my energy to something more positive for the citizens as two courts have proved me to be in the right.”
The KCA co-founder is hoping that this case will cause a precedent for citizens who feel wronged by their council “can fight for their own rights.”  Brovkin does think it is logical that Allard pay for his own legal defense instead of using funds from taxpayers as Brovkin had to pay his own way and because he is a taxpayer, “had to pay twice for this case.”
And while Brovkin’s blog is being used as a site for citizens of Kirkland to come together to discuss local issues, he does not find that being called “the Kirkland blogger is the right handle as others have helped in this fight too.”


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