Kirkland in the news.

More about Kirkland affairs in local press.

See article by Francois Lemieux on pages 4 and 5,
and “Letters to the Editor” on page 6
of Aug 15 issue of The Chronicle.

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One Response to Kirkland in the news.

  1. Philomena Netto says:

    A cardinal principal of democracy is Trust and Transparency.
    Acclaimed and elected officials are duty bound to have these concepts merge into reality. These principals apply when decisions made by the City Mayor and his Councilors are impeded by the Administration.
    Let us not deviate from the source of the problems initiated by the City.
    It is truly embarrassing to relate to a Mayor and his councilors who JUSTIFY their action, by threating a resident Salvatore D’Urso,be thrown out of chamber for asking a legitimate question. Mr. Mayor and councilors this question, is LONG OVERDUE.

    Philomena Netto

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