Convenient Collective Amnesia on Kirkland Council

I attended the July 9th Kirkland Council Meeting and watching Meaney and the BOYS, cronies if you prefer, publicly eat crow on the crossed sewer pipe issue was at times painful to watch. Meaney announced that “HE DID NOT HAVE A CLUE WHAT HAPPENED IN THE 80’s AND 90’s”.

      1. He made that statement without even a hint of embarrassment and with plenty of arrogant bravado.
 He was so matter of fact that he appeared to be proud that he did not have a clue, and in addition it was normal that he did not have a clue.

Let us consider for a moment the fact that Meaney was first elected to Council in 1975, that he then held the post of Assistant Director of Public Works starting in 1990 and was then elected Mayor in 1993. Any reasonable person would conclude that if anyone was in a position to know what was going on during that period it would be Mr. Meaney. Considering the

      2. repeated denials of any knowledge
 or existence of any records related to the crossed sewer pipe issue coming out of Kirkland Town Hall over the past year and a half plus, it would seem that we are being asked to believe not only that Kirkland is incompetent at record keeping but also that the people running the show have also conveniently developed a severe case of selective amnesia. The amnesia also appears to be of an extremely contagious variety since Meaney is obviously not the only one affected.

Consider the following:
– Andre Allard was first elected to Council in 1987
– Michel Gibson was first elected in 1991
– John Morson was first elected in 1985
– Brian Swinburne was first elected in 1999

Conveniently all these people were also afflicted by the same selective amnesia that Meaney appears to suffer from. We are expected to believe that no one around the Council table remembered anything when they voted “UNANIMOUSLY” to hold residents 100% responsible based on legal opinions that they had never seen. This begs the question of why or what changed their minds? Once again Meaney is hiding behind a cleverly worded statement and will not make any additional comments. If everything is as presented then why all the secrecy?

In the end we should not be surprised, all this is par for the course in Kirkland’s version of democracy. People have a right to know why decisions are made and also know why decisions are sometimes reversed. Obviously Allard’s famous “KIRKLAND WAY” makes no room for such basic democratic niceties.

Salvatore D’Urso

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