Kirkland Tax Return

The following letter has been sent by KCA to Mayor Meaney.
KCA expects to get a written response. The response will be published as well.


Mayor John W. Meany
Town of Kirkland
17200 Hymus, Kirkland,
Quebec, H9J 3Y8
April 12, 2012



As the Council decided to appeal the Superior Court judgement rendered in the Ville de Kirkland et André Allard c. Sergei Brovkin case, and more public money may be spent on these dishonourable activities, we request that you consider and respond to the following.

According to the verdict of the Superior Court of Quebec, the City has no grounds  to be acting as a plaintiff in this case, but only the individuals mentioned, regardless of their municipal or social status. Moreover, there is no foundation for councillor Allard’s appeal either.

Now, even if the Council proceeds with the appeal, you should be well aware that, in accordance with the guidelines of le Ministère des Affaires municipales, des Régions et de l’Occupation du territoire, it is for the elected officials to assume the costs of legal proceedings instituted when they consider themselves victims of defamation.

This means that even if the Town of Kirkland decides to continue with the appeal, regardless of the outcome ALL legal costs must be covered by the individuals involved from their personal resources and not from public funds, i.e. not from the taxpayers’ money. Moreover, the costs already incurred must be reimbursed by the individuals who had initiated these proceedings, and the money returned to the Town of Kirkland and officially confirmed, documented and duly reported by the Council.

We believe that if the desire of the Mayor and Council to maintain their image and integrity is genuine, then their next mandatory action must be to have the money spent on this case to date reimbursed immediately.

Kind regards,



Benjie Calcetas,

Kirkland Citizens Association

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