Let’s Flush This Out!

Dear Fellow Citizens,

KCA continues the effort to resolve the cross connections issue. We have several options for the affected home owners to consider, and would like to discuss with them what is available. Unfortunately, the Town Hall, citing privacy concerns, does not disclose the names and addresses of the affected home owners who have not been sued by them yet. This bogs down our effort to resolve the issue soonest.

If you are one of the unfortunate homeowners and are interested to have the issue resolved soonest, with good quality, fairly priced, and a good chance to have your costs reimbursed, please contact KCA by email to kirklandcitizen@gmail.com with the word FLUSH! in the subject line. Your name/address will not be shared outside the group without your consent.

Contact KCA now!

If you have your cross connections fixed but believe that your solution was not fair enough, contact us as well. Together we will be able to get to a fair solution.
Pass this news on. Let’s talk. As a minimum, you will get a good chance to meet your fellow citizens.


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