Make yourself heard!

Have a look at the rating of the last article on the KCA page: all of a sudden, it garnered 150 votes with the average rating of 1.5 stars!

If you look at all other articles, you may notice that hardly any of them get more than 10-15 votes, and the average rating is close to 5 stars. The amazing outburst of negative public opinion happened on Jan.9, then on Jan 14 and 15 when the site was visited by a record number of new(!) visitors who spent on the KCA site 7 seconds on the average.

What does that tell you?

Apart from the obvious – that our opponents do follow the KCA web site and realize its importance and authority, but can only respond with pathetic “organized” web attacks and some poorly spelled anonymous insults in the comments – it is telling us that we, the KCA members and  supporters, should be more vocal and more active. If we honestly vote for every article on the web page, no evil-wishers will be physically able to tweak the opinion down.

Come to the Council meeting on Monday, January 16, at 08:00 pm – and be heard!

United we stand!

Benjie Calcetas,


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2 Responses to Make yourself heard!

  1. Administrator says:

    I can add to this observation that all those dummy visits generate traffic and increase the overall rank of the page in the Internet. Thanks!

  2. Marvin Sebastyan says:

    I found about KCA in the newspaper. We need this organization in Kirkland. This is not the Kirkland, I use to know and fought for in 2000 from disappearing….

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