Letter to Councillor Zito

A citizen of Kirkland Mr.Kumar graciously agreed to share his letter to Councillor Zito. His decision regarding the commemorative history book recently distributed by the Town Hall deserves to be followed by all citizens.


Nari Kumar,                                                                                                       January 12. 2012
X  Xxxxxxx, Kirkland

M. Domenico Zito;

This afternoon I was delivered this compendium about the History of Kirkland. My judgment tells me that it is insulting that you and lord Mayor’s office have disgraced the community by spending about fifty thousand dollars ($ 50,000), to issue this booklet.
If Lord Mayor has been so keen and at this age and his state of health that he wanted to keep legacy being thrifty and concerned about the economy he would have been wiser to keep one such book and inform the Kirkland citizens that History of Kirkland on its 50th anniversary has been compiled and is available in the library..

I fail to understand you Mr. Zito along with other councilors fell into trap; and issued a piece worth that much money that would shortly end up in waste basket.

I have been in this community since beginning of 1975 but have not seen such disregard for the community finances. On one hand you folks are depriving the citizens who have without their knowledge; crossed waste/water pipes and on the other hand this frivolous act by the council.

Mr. Zito, please pass this book and this letter addressed to you, to our Lord Mayor Mr. John Meaney, where he can find a better use, but not at my place.
Is it regime building or leaving the shadows behind?

Thanks for educating me about the city I have been living in.



UPDATE: Mr.Kumar sent this follow-up email to the Council:

Hello Lord Mayor and Councilors of City of Kirkland.

The attachment was delivered to my concerned councilor earlier, but on the weekend I though it would be better if it is sent to all city councilors and our Lord Mayor because you all failed in your fiduciary duties and created this unwanted enormous expense for the citizen of Kirkland. It would have been a well come act and appreciative that the same wasted money could have been used in lowering the tax burden on all the citizens; who live in this city.

Initially I was not in favor to compensate the home owners who have crossed waste/water pipes as I did not want that all home owners should face the financial burden to redo the work for the homes that have this waste/water plumbing issue.

After getting this booklet to know the history of Kirkland I thought it is more appropriate that all, of you should be aware that not all residents of Kirkland are happy about it.

I find it a cohesive attempt among all the members who failed (I repeat) in their fiduciary duties towards its citizens.


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  1. Salvatore D'Urso says:

    I could not agree more with Mr. Kumar’s comments. Once again Kirkland’s mayor and Council decide behind closed doors how they will spend the taxpayer’s money. This book is just the tip of the iceberg. There have been hundreds of thousands of dollars spent frivolously on Kirklnad’s 50th anniversary “celebrations” which are nothing more than shameless self promotion by by the Mayor and Council at the expense of the taxpayers. The money has been spent aimlessly on consumables which will leave no lasting legacy or benefit to the community.

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