Kirkland Mayor John Meaney and Council have finally been exposed. They are bullies masquerading as elected officials. This week they gave us an impressive display of “THE KIRKLAND WAY” at work, meant to shock and awe residents of Henri-Daoust Street into submission. John Meaney showed that he can take decisive action, but once again only against his own residents.

Kirkland’s mayor and Council took 25 years to take a timid yet concrete step to alleviate the traffic mess in the neighbourhood. Less than  48 hours after residents dared to challenge them publicly they sent out a notice that the NO LEFT TURN SIGNS will be removed from Henri-Daoust effective December 15, 2011. Any bets on whether John Meaney even had time to call Monique Worth and beg her to take down the NO RIGHT TURN at Antoine Faucon? I am betting not because Meaney only takes out the big guns when he is beating down his own residents. Successfully negotiating with other jurisdictions is really not his thing, witness his dismal failure to negotiate anything on traffic issues with Pierrefonds-Roxboro whether on St-Charles or Henri-Daoust.

Why the rush to take the signs down?

The evidence is irrefutable. This is payback, revenge, retaliation against the residents for having dared to distribute a pamphlet to all the houses in Kirkland’s District #3 telling the residents the truth about the installation of the signs. Distribution of the pamphlet started on Wednesday December 7, 2011 after 10:00 AM and the notice that the signs are coming down is dated December 9, 2011. The math is pretty simple.

How is it possible that in a letter dated November 30, 2011 John Meaney is still actively defending  the status quo and even going so far as to say that he has demanded better monitoring of the signs by police? He was telling journalists that the city had no immediate plans to change its policy on Henri-Daoust. Then surprisingly 9 days later all that is thrown out the window and the signs are coming down with 3 days notice. Residents only learned about the decision from the media on December 12, 2011.

My guess is that one of Councillor Allard’s “consensus building” meetings took place behind closed doors. The decision is announced as having the unanimous support of Council and the result is another public relations disaster in the making for the Town of Kirkland. The ongoing crossed sewer pipes mess has apparently taught them nothing.

Residents are justifiably outraged by this heavy handed and unilateral action by the Town of Kirkland. Meaney is trying to muzzle not only our right to free speech but sending a message to other residents who might be inclined to complain too loudly. The same fate awaits them if they are not thankful and grateful enough for what he has done for them.

Mr. John Meaney and Council have a feudal view of the world. Their words and actions betray them. Their surprise is genuine when we serfs do not show more gratitude and devotion to them for all that they have done for us.



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  2. KK says:

    I have been living on this street for 25 years and expressed major concern particularly when my children were young. The traffic was awful in the early 90’s but nothing like today. We have been hearing the same story from the municipal council for the last 20 years. You would think the Urban Boulevard as they like to call it would have already been built had they been pro-active and concerned in the past. The fact that St. Charles is so congested would have been a good starting point but they cannot see past City Hall…They just cannot own up to the fact that they did not live up to their promises. Removing the signs is an immature move yet not a surprise to me. They have not only disappointed the residents of Henri Daoust once again but have created traffic nightmares for all surrounding areas as well such as Brunswick, Berne etc. The signs did control the traffic flow for other directions within close proximity to us. I find it very amusing that this intelligent group of people are unable to come up with a permanent solution to fix our traffic issues which potentially can and already have endangered human beings. Each morning my daughter cannot cross the street at a stop sign on our street because nobody seems to stop and the traffic flow is never ending. The danger of our street does not concern our wonderful councilors at all yet they are able to block a pedestrian passageway after 7:00 PM for the Chateau Kirkland residents in order to maintain a certain amount of serenity in that area. I am not implying that this is not an issue of concern as it very well is for those residents as well. My point is that a potentially dangerous traffic issue is even more important and yet they continue to ignore it. Does this make any kind of sense at all?????? If i wanted to live on a boulevard, I would be downtown. This is suburbia. Wake up JOHN MEANEY!!!!! Treat all your taxpayers equally. When election time comes around, I do not want to see any of the faces from city council ringing my doorbell and making promises that they do not commit to. Every time an election is about to happen and they are walking door to door and getting to know us, this is the topic that they emphasize on. I would have to say that would be a pretty bold move on their part to approach any one of us this time around. There are many options than have been and should be revisited and put in place. One last point I would like to mention is that I work Downtown and my longest traffic problem getting home is on St. Charles Boulevard. How sad is that? It is definitely time for this Urban Boulevard to be built. Stop wasting your time by negotiating Mr. city councilors and put your words into action. Start doing your jobs!!!!
    1: Buck Macdonald proposed no left turns on Denault and Harmony (keep in mind Buck resides on Valerie) . He was clearly looking after his own interests with Meaney supporting him. The signs did go up. Another example of once again them not caring about Henri Daoust or Brunswick Boulevard’s fate.
    2. Back in 2000, discussions on the closing of Chateau Kirkland took place and the citizens suggested to re-open Chateau Kirkland and Houde (Chateau Kirkland should never have been closed). Meaney’s reply to that request was as follows: WE DO NOT WANT TO CREATE ANOTHER HENRI DAOUST SITUATION.

    These are only a couple of examples and if we dig deeper, I am pretty sure we can come up with more examples as this has been going on for a good 20 years. I think it is pretty clear that they never had any intention on simplifying or expediting a solution.

  3. Marvin says:

    I agree, the stop sign on Labrador and Brunswick is treated as a big joke. No one stops. Local Police station officer (Richard) tells you it is that Meaney has directed him to stop the speeding on the service roads which drives the cars onto Brunswick and local streets. Richard view is that Kirkland is not a the same as it was thirty years ago. His quote is -1- learn to live with it, or -2- move. Who told Meaney to build a highway through Kirkland? Who Rio Can? Which member of Kirkland’s elite is getting something extra for the Rio Can mall that is operational past mid night? The traffic is 24/7 not only during rush hours. Try sleeping when Brunswich is used as a drag strip with dead cats and other animals!! This previously beautiful town is a now hell. How do we get rid of Meaney, the town council, planners , Richard, etc?

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